Our New Assistant:-)

by Meghan Heritage on July 31, 2010

BlueWest Properties has a new assistant, he’s 8 weeks old, has big blue eyes and one of the best little attitudes around. He only cries when he is hungry (just like most sales people), he sleeps in limited intervals (like most sales people) and he is out to GROW (like we all should be).

I’m learning a lot from my son. First of all he only complains when something is REALLY wrong, and in even his most distressful situations he has forgotten the terrible atrocity that proceeded only minutes later. If only we could all be so lucky.

Daily now in the real estate and construction markets I hear stories of the past, “How good it used to be………Ahhhh, those were the day’s”……..THESE are the days folks! This is where we are, not back there, we are right here, right in THIS moment and there is joy in it if we all take the time to find it. We harbor ill will to our brothers, we remember and remind ourselves never to forget those who have wronged us and in doing so we waste the most value asset that we have. We waste our TIME………our days……..our weeks………our years……..and eventually chunks of our entire lives are spent thinking about what “might have been…..if only”. Instead of opening our eyes and recognizing how wonderful what we have actually is we choose to run through the painful details over and over again . Let it go, it’s a gift you give yourself.

And if you want a simple reminder of how easy it is to move on, watch a child who has been “wronged” rekindle his friendship, or wipe his tears after a bad fall, or accept a hug from his disciplinarian. Watch and learn. Each day, each moment is a choice………choose or you have chosen.

Meghan HeritageOur New Assistant:-)

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