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Pizza! Pizza!

by Meghan Heritage on December 24, 2015

Who would think that the latest blog written by your local Real Estate Agents would involve Pizza?  Well we can’t leave out one of America’s favorite foods!  Especially when you come to Grand Haven, Michigan, we have quite the variety from which you can choose.

Whether you’re looking for your favorite chain restaurant like Pizza Hut, Jett’s, Domino’s, Little Caesars or Papa Murphy’s, we seem to have them all here along the lakeshore.

However, what we have here in Grand Haven, that adds to the a long list of amazing attributes that makes our town even more desirable, are the local specialty pizza places.  Come downtown on Washington and enjoy wood-fired pizza at K2 in the upper level of The Kirby House. Throw in one of their amazing signature salads and you’ve got a well-balanced meal.

On the East side of town? Head to the big, gray historical home on Fulton, known as Fricano’s.  Be prepared to wait in line to take part in your very own thin crust slice of deliciousness.  You won’t be disappointed.  This place is incredibly popular, it’s hometown business style is still run a bit “old school” only accepting cash or check as payment, so hit the ATM or grab your checkbook before you head there!

Another gem on the East side, the one my Dad refers to as the “Best Pizza on the Planet”, is Clover Bar!  Their signature pizza cannot be described in words, one must experience to appreciate!  Stop in to this locally owned and operated establishment, on the corner of Waverly and Beechtree, to taste for yourself!

Whether you enjoy living in Grand Haven on a regular or part time basis, you can see there is much to choose from by the way of pizza!  If you’re just visiting or taking a break from shopping for Real Estate, check out one of our many pizza places!  As we all know, everything is better on a full stomach, especially house hunting!

Meghan HeritagePizza! Pizza!