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Using Preferred Vendors for Real Estate Renovations/Repairs

by Meghan Heritage on December 14, 2015

The best way to avoid bad experiences when getting anything done is to use the services of someone with a known track record.  The whole idea of getting references goes far beyond just major things, in fact, if you are a homeowner you should think carefully before using the services of anyone for any job in or around your home.

Whether getting your carpets cleaned, a bathroom remodeled, staging a home before setting it up for sale or even having a simple electrical job done, nothing gives a homeowner more peace of mind than knowing that the person or company doing the work is trusted and reputable.

  1. Your Real Estate Agent Has a Great List of Vendors – So often people neglect to realize just how often Realtors come into contact with a host of vendors that they would use for projects in their homes.  While the obvious Vendors are General Contractors, Home Inspectors, Appraisers and Home Stagers – your Real Estate Agent will likely also have a list of many more Vendors as well.  For example, if you need to have your furnace tuned up or install a deck or even set up and manage landscaping/snow plowing for your home’s exterior.  The possibilities are endless and if you can think of it, chances are your Agent has worked with a company or contractor at one point in all their dealings with home-related issues and transactions.
  2. Support Local Businesses! – Support your local Vendors! While your Agent will have access to many national contacts as well, most of the Vendors and Suppliers on their list will be those of local businesses.  Getting the best of both worlds, you can utilize the services of a person or company that already has a proven performance record with someone you know and trust and at the same time support your community in the process!

No matter whom you end up selecting, be sure to check with one of us to see whether we’ve had experience working with the person and/or company.  There is a good chance that there are local Vendors on our Preferred Vendor’s List that will work perfectly for you!  Call us today so we can help you form your own Preferred Vendor List. #BWP

Meghan HeritageUsing Preferred Vendors for Real Estate Renovations/Repairs